Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Madeline's House

Subject: General
Category: Exploration
Ages: 4 to 8
# of players: 2 to 4
Time to play: 30 minutes
Mechanics/Game Type: Roll and Move

Ratings (1 to 5)

Educational Value: 2
Gaming value: 4
Aesthetic value: 4
Price value: 3
Ease of play: 4
Younger adaptability: N/A

My comments:
Madeline's House reminds me of a cross between Candy Land and Highlights Magazine's Hidden Pictures. You don't know if you are going to move forward or back until you find the hidden object! That's what makes this game exciting for the kiddos and they do enjoy it while they are young enough to play it.

The box, board and components are made of heavy duty cardboard that will last through multiple children.

I tend to be a little tough when evaluating educational value. Does this game teach anything to a four year old that any other game won't? Not really. Color recognition is key but most 4yo's already have their basic colors down. It is a really fun game though and does teach the basics of fair game play, taking turns and following instructions which is so important during the early years of game playing. If you are just looking for something fun to get your kids used to playing games, this is a great choice because it is a bit different than your typical roll and move board games. link to this game:

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