Monday, March 19, 2007

About our reviews

By uncommon games we mean most anything but "classic games" and other readily available games that are probably owned by you or someone you know.

Be sure to use the search box at the top left corner of the screen to find a game title. Use the list on the right sidebar of the blog to find games by age or subject.

Our game reviews will have the following template:

Subject: Things like math, language arts, and such. Also "General" for games not relating to an academic subject.
Category: Not all subjects have categories. Bible, for example, does not but Math has Arithmetic, Geometry, Time, Money.
Ages: For what ages is the game is appropriate

# of players: As the name implies...
Time to play: How long it takes to play a typical game
Mechanics: This relates to how the game is played (roll and move, bidding, tiles, card draw, and such.)

Ratings (1 to 5) These are the reviewer's opinion--please comment if you disagree! We sometimes don't agree among ourselves. 1 is poor, 3 is average, 5 is excellent.

Educational Value: How much you will learn.
Gaming value: How well is the game designed to play.
Aesthetic value: Colors, graphics, and details
Price value: Quality of the components, and how many potential years of play per child based on the price paid
Ease of play: How quickly you can learn to play and/or set up to play

Younger adaptability: How easily the game can be adapted for younger players

We will follow the above information with our own narratives regarding the game.

BoardGameGeek Link: This is a website of avid gamers that focuses on the gaming aspect only, not the educational aspect. If you really like gaming, click on the link and check out the information here. They also have pictures of the games.

Please let us know what you think--we pray we can bless each other in this endeavor! Check out the link to our companion blog Thoughts About Gaming and Homeschooling

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