Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Granny's House

Subject: General
Category: N/A
Ages: 4 to 7
# of players: 1 to 6
Time to play: 30 minutes
Mechanics/Game Type: Co-operative Play

Ratings (1 to 5)

Educational Value: 4
Gaming value: 4
Aesthetic value: 3
Price value: 5
Ease of play: 5

My comments:
Should you use the rope to climb over that fence in your way or have the dog dig a hole under it? What about that sleeping bear, maybe we should leave him some candy in case he wakes up?These are things you will discuss and have to agree on with the other players in this wonderful co-operative game. There is only one pawn and everyone has to work together to get to Granny's House.

I estimate an average of 30 minutes for game play however because of the many obstacles, this varies greatly. I have found that when many obstacles send us back to start (making the game last more than 30 minutes) the children lose interest but this only happens rarely.

The 1986 version that we own is still around and kicking although the box is definitely falling apart. I've included a couple of photos because the link to BGG below is for the 1985 version and it looks quite different.

One more thing of note. All picture cards have both English and French words printed on them making this game suitable for readers, non-readers and fun review for those learning one of these as a second language. link to this game:

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